Experience in Water and Sanitation

Promotion Safe Drinking Water and Sanitary Latrine in Araihazar Upazila

Araihazar Upazila (sub-district) under Narayanganj district is at a distance of 15 kilometers to the North-East of Dhaka City with a population of 376,550. Beginning in 1990, PIACT undertook several programs here over a decade which include Mother and Child Nutrition including providing Zinc Supplementation to malnourished children and promoting breastfeeding, community managed health and nutrition program, non-formal education to school dropout children and promoting safe water and sanitation.

 The situation of safe drinking water and sanitary latrine was extremely poor throughout the upazila.  In 1993, with support from NGO Forum for drinking water and sanitation, PIACT made the community people aware and mobilized them for drinking safe water and use sanitary latrines. With community participation and at a low cost, PIACT installed 16 tube-wells and 2,500 sanitary latrines in Araihazar upazila. PIACT established a plant for making slab and ring for the sanitary latrine and community people purchased those at a low price (one slab and one ring Tk. 140).  Over the time, small traders in the market place borrowed the technology of making slab and ring, and marketed those.  The use of safe drinking water and sanitary latrine improved very significantly in Araihazar Upazila and the practice of defecation in open spaces and use of hanging latrine were stopped.  Eventually, PIACT gradually phased-out from this activity in the Araihazar upazila. 

 Promoting Personal Hygiene, Safe Drinking Water and Sanitary Latrine through    Non-formal Education


Since 1993, PIACT has been implementing non-formal Adult Education Program in rural upazilas as well as non-formal education for Hard to Reach children in urban slums throughout the country. Among many health and nutrition issues, the lessons included personal hygiene, safe drinking water and use of sanitary latrine. Students influenced their families as well as communities to make arrangement for safe drinking water and installing sanitary latrines. The students and teachers together visited the families to advocate for this.

Learning center of Hard to Reach Urban Working Children


Over the decade, the adult literacy program directly covered over 66,000 students’ families under 19 districts.  The Hard to Reach Education Program covered directly about 19,000 students’ families in the slum areas of 8 City Corporations including Dhaka.

 Adult learning center    

Developing BCC/IEC Materials on Safe Drinking Water and Use of Sanitary Latrine


Over the 35 years of PIACT, it developed series of BCC/IEC materials on issues including personal hygiene, safe water and sanitary latrine. Most recently with support from Health Education Bureau under the Directorate General of Health Services, PIACT developed Flipchart, Booklet, Leaflet and Brochure on three specific issues: Personal hygiene, drinking safe water and use of sanitary latrine. These were printed and distributed to155 health education resource centers at health services hospitals under 43 districts.

Flipbook     Booklet  
    Brochure        Leaflet  

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