Establishing Basic Human Rights of Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) and Protect them from Oppression and Exploitation

2015-06-30Partner: Manusher Jonno Foundation

Duration: August 2003 – March 2013

There prevails deep-rooted social stigma against the Sex Workers (SWs) and their children. They are consciously discriminated by the society in various ways.  There are about 4,500 brothel-based SWs in Bangladesh in 12 brothels of which 1,500 are available in Daulatdia brothel at Goalanda upazila in Rajbari district. 


PIACT Bangladesh, an NGO, launched a program in 2003 in Daulatdia brothel with the support from Manusher Jonno Foundation to establish basic human rights of SWs and protect them from oppression and exploitation, protecting under-aged girls from entering into sex business and obtaining social recognition of their human


Drug Prevention Education in Schools in Bangladesh

Drug abusers are at high risk of HIV infection.  In order to develop skill of school students (both formal and non-formal schools) a program on Drug Resistance Education was implemented by PIACT during 2008 and 2009 in six divisional cities of Bangladesh.  The students of selected formal and non-formal schools situated in drug abuse prone areas were made aware about consequences of drug abuse


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