Human Resource Management

PIACT Bangladesh’s competitive advantage is often derived from its most valuable resource– its people.  PIACT is an equal employment opportunity provider without discrimination.

As it grows in volume and diversity, PIACT follows a comprehensive human resource planning process as shown in the margin.  It lays emphasis on appropriate staffing for success and through elaborate job analysis and job designs seeks to select adequately qualified and skilled people to meet the organizational objectives in an ever changing environment.

Staff Categories: PIACT has three categories of staff: (a) core staff, (b) project staff including professionals and (c) support staff.  Recruitment to various categories of jobs is normally made through open advertisement in the national dailies and also in the online job site  For some of the key positions of the project, especially the Consultants are proposed in the project proposal on the basis of qualification and adequacy to particular project.
Recruitment of Staff: PIACT has a Staff-Service Rules and staff are hired through open competitive basis using advertisements and interviews conducted by boards of professionally qualified persons. In-house staff-development programs are regular in PIACT.

Performance Appraisal: PIACT has developed a formal and informal Performance Appraisal system that continuously determine and communicate with an employee about his/her performance. As part of HRM, PIACT offers competitive remuneration package, with provision of incentive pay, bonus, early promotion and special benefits. PIACT also takes care of employee safety and health.

Inter Project Appointment/Transfer: As a measure of flexibility, management allows core staff to work for different projects, where appropriate. This enriches the employees with diversity. PIACT sources recruit both from within and outside.

Staff Administration: All full-time staff (core and project staff) has to sign in the daily attendance register.  Team Leader of each project put countersignature and makes remarks in case of late attendance.  The administration section takes disciplinary action where necessary.
In addition, there is a movement register where officials record their movements.

PIACT maintains personal file of each staff project-wise where CV, appointment letter, joining letter, job description, certificates, leave, etc. are recorded.  HRM is supported by the IT.

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