Program for Research and Intervention for Development, Education, Training and IT

Established in 1980, PIACT Bangladesh is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to the welfare of the people of Bangladesh through resolute and concerted efforts in reproductive health, nutrition services, prevention of HIV/AIDS and STD, training, education, poverty alleviation, development of socially disadvantaged women and children, BCC activities, applying information technology in the relevant fields and addressing the emerging needs of social development over time. Its aim is to establish a society where people of all strata, particularly the disadvantaged and marginalized, have access to primary health care, basic education,  and are empowered to enjoy basic human and social rights 

Legal Establishment

PIACT Bangladesh is registered with:

1.   NGO Affairs Bureau, Registration No. 118 dated 18-01-1982
2.   Department of Social Services, Registration No. Dha-09166(118/82) dated 19-03-2015
3.   Trade License No. 88 (2018-2019)
4.   TIN No. 343442857919/Circle-101 (Co.), Zone-5
5.   VAT No. 001101031


A society of hope, opportunity and respect for rights and justice where everyone can live with dignity and without discrimination.


Collaborate with government and development partners in social sectors particularly focusing on empowering the poor, the marginalized and the socially disadvantaged people so that they have access to resources, can make informed choices and reach their full potential as human beings.

Broad Objectives of PIACT Bangladesh

  • To promote reproductive health by providing expanded and effective uses of fertility regulating methods in Bangladesh.
  • To implement programs for improvement of reproductive health, mother and child nutrition, literacy level, equity in health and development, gender equality, development of the socially disadvantaged groups of population, prevention of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse and addressing the current issues as they emerge over time in health, education and social development.
  • To initiate and scale up programs for establishing human rights of socially disadvantaged women and children.
  • To undertake need-based training programs in health, education, environment and social sector.
  • To develop capacity of youths and low literates and socially disadvantaged women and children for better livelihood.
  • To integrate socially disadvantaged men, women and children in the mainstream of the society.

Governance of the Organization

PIACT Bangladesh is governed by its constitution.  At the apex of the governance framework, there is a General Council (GC) composed of all the members.  The General Council is the navigational guide of the organization.  The membership is open to all citizens of Bangladesh.  The General Council approves programs/projects and reviews the progress of work annually, provides guidance for staff development and approves annual budget; reviews the financial status, allocates/reallocates resources and assist in the mobilization of resources, whenever needed.  The current membership of the GC stands at 19.  The GC sits at least once in a year.  There is also a provision for a special GC meeting whenever there is a need for such a meeting.

Below the GC, there is an Executive Committee (EC) composed of seven members.  The EC is elected/reorganized every three years by the members of the GC.  The President of the EC is the Chairman of the GC meeting whenever it is held.  The management of PIACT is accountable to the General Council through its Executive Committee (EC).  Director, PIACT is the Ex-officio member of the EC and provides logistic and administrative support to the Executive Committee.  The EC meets at least once in a quarter, reviews progress, adopts strategy, provide policy decisions, prepare annual work program, reallocate resources and appoint auditors and place these before the General Council.


Organizational Structure

PIACT Bangladesh is a systematically organized establishment currently consisting of 6 function/activity-specific units. The General Council of the organization is the Supreme Body, while a seven member Executive Committee reviews the progress and provide policy decisions. The Director of the organization is the Chief Executive and is responsible to provide day to day guidance and leadership in the overall management of the organizational activities. The Director is assisted by Deputy Director.  The Director reports to the EC.

The professionals, recruited against specified projects, supervise and implement project assignments and report to the Director.  The Director also supervises the financial management and the internal audit; the section heads report directly to the Director.  The Monitoring and Evaluation Unit also reports to the Director.  The Deputy Director (DD) oversees the logistics and administration, human resource management and the IT and documentation wing and reports directly to the Director. DD also lends administrative and logistic support to the project staff and monitors the progress of organizational activities. Team leaders/coordinators of individual programs/projects manage individual programs/ projects under the direct administrative supervision of the DD while they receive guidance from professionals on program/project management. PIACT maintains flexibility in its structure so that it can easily adjust with the emerging environment as it grows. Each Unit of the organization is run by a unit head backed by a sufficient number of personnel/ professionals and support staff, all with good education, experience and skills.

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PIACT Bangladesh
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